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The Caregiver's Guide
to Lewy Body Dementia

A book about LBD just for Caregivers!

(Replaces our first book, Riding a Rollercoaster with Lewy Body Dementia.)

The information you need written in everyday language

If you liked Riding a Rollercoaster with Lewy Body Dementia, you'll love the Caregiver's Guide! It has the same thorough view of the disorder, with chapters describing what it is, its many symptoms, treatment and care. It also has those personal stories from the authors and other caregivers that make you feel as though the book is telling your story. In addition, it has information of special interest to LBD caregivers like how to find a specialist or what to look for in a care facility.

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Published in 2010 by Demos Medical Publishing
Why you need this book.
Table of Contents

There's also a huge glossary, an acronym list and
an index that makes looking up subjects wonderfully easy.

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