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The Lewy Body Dementia Trainer's Kit

You can be the in-house expert!

With its well-researched information, animated, interesting slides, clearly defined scripts and highly praised textbook, this kit helps you to quickly become your facility's "expert" on LBD.

Don't depend on a video where you audience must watch without participating. Use the LBD Trainer's Kit and draw your audience into the performance. Challenge them with questions and answer theirs.

Be your own expert!

Use our CD and Manual to present fact-filled, well-researched, and interesting information. Use the Staff Training modules to teach your staff how to deal with this sometimes baffling, always changing dementia. Make sure your staff has LBD information available by keeping some Textbooks in your library. Offer the Family Programs to your resident's family members. Show it at dementia and Parkinson's support groups. Show it for an open house or special event and draw in the public.

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CD with Five Programs for Staff and Families
Well-researched, accurate Information
Detailed program Manual
Easy to learn Read and Click© presentation method
Easy to read and use Textbooks

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