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Lewy Body Dementia Training Kit

Course Content

Five Programs

Each with a well-rounded overview of
Lewy body dementia.

What LBD is--and isn't. Its biology and history, with empahsis on how recent the knowledge of this disorder is to the medical profession. How it differs from Alzheimers and is related to Parkinsons disease is also covered.

Symptoms--Cognititve symptoms and the non-cognitive symptoms that make it so different.

Treatment--Drug therapy and Non-medical techniques. Special emphasis on these drug sensitivities that are of such concern to LBD patients.

The Care Team--Drug awareness, promoting independence, using behavior management and supporting families.

Reader's Comments--LBD caregivers and staff have loved the textbook since it came out in 2009. Read what they say HERE.

Comments from Facilities and Trainers--Read what they have to say HERE.



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