Live Presentations

Accurate, Up-to- date and Valuable Information

from a Caregiver's Point of View

Overall Purpose

To educate hands-on caregivers about this disease.


  • Quick, moving and effective.
  • A blend of
    • Lectures by knowlegable and experienced speakers.
    • Personal examples from LBD caregivers.
    • Animated Powerpoint slides that hold your interest.
    • Questions and Answers.

Targeted  Audiences with Types of Presentations

  • For Professionals: A 90 minute program with the most information, presented with clinical issues in mind. Approved for 1.5 CEUs for
    • Nursing Home Administrators,
    • Assisted Living Facilitators,
    • Nurses (LPN, RN, NP)
    • Social Workers (meets requirements)
  • Can be broken into two 45 minute sessions.
  • Includes a Textbook (Riding a Rollercoaster with Lewy Body Dementia)
  • For Memory Care Centers. Two shows, presented in lay terms:
    • A 30 minute staff presentation designed for CNAs and hands-on staff AND
    • A 60 minute public presentation designed to attract and educate family caregivers.
  • Can choose to have all staff or all family programs.
  • For Nursing Schools: A 90 minute program.
    • Clinically oriented, includes Parkinson's information
    • For student nurses at all levels (LPN, RN, NP)
  • Can be broken into two 45 minute sessions.
  • Does not provide nursing CEUs or textbooks. Textbooks available at minimal cost.


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