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A Caregiver's Guide to Lewy Body Dementia, by Helen and James Whitworth. A must for every LBD Caregiver. Naturally this is the FIRST LBD book to buy! $16.95,
Kindle: $9.99

New Book!
Window of Opportunity
, by Kirk Hall, person with PD (PwPD) who has a great story to tell, both about that and about living with MCI. Only available in Kindle yet: $5.99 Watch for the paperback or order it from Pygmy press.

Living with Lewy Body Dementia, by Judy Towne Jennings. A personal story but filled with helpful hints. Highly recommended as a resource book for the LBD caregiver. Buy it early in your journey! $11.45

Treasures in the Darkness, by Author. by by Pat Snyder. A book addressing the topic of early stage LBD. A whole section in the back about things to do early on. $17.36

Fatal Tide (Book 3 of the East Salem Trilogy)  by Wiehl and Nelson. The hero's father has LBD. Not worth buying unlesss you are a fan of fantasy, but consider checking it out from the library.$17.99

A Rex-full Summer, By Helen Whitworth (co-author of A Caregiver's Guide) about their first summer on the road talking about LBD. Buy the Kindle and sit back for a fun read. Kindle: $3.99

Don't Bury Me, It Ain't Over Yet, by Charles Schneider, who has Early Onset Dementia and is a member of the LBDA support group for people with LBD. $12.59

Confidence to Care: A Resource for Family Caregivers, by Molly Carpenter. Published by Home Instead. Practical suggestions for dealing with dementia and behavioral symptoms. Only 120 pages. $10.79

Dementia Beyon Drugs: Changing the Culture of Care by G A Power. Working with facilities to provide care based on fewer drugs. $17.31

My Name is Thelma, But I Don't Know Who I Am by J Malone. A great group of lists for info, records, etc. that you need when dealing with dementia. $11.09

Sexuality & Dementia, by D Wornell, MD. Helpful info for dealing with sexual issues. $12.96

An Unintended Journey, A Caregiver's Guide to Dementia, by J Yagoda Shagam. Has some good caregiver advice. $8.69 (Kindle only)

Relentless Goodbye, by Ginny Burkholder. Ginny has been blogging on the LBDA site for years. This is a cumulation of these blogs and more. A must read! $13.16

Twice a child by Ann Steward. A novel told from the point of view of an 85 year old man with symptoms of LBD, baseed loosly on Ann's father, Poppy. Kindle: 4.99.

Dementia w/ Lewy Bodies & PDD, by Ahlskog, of Mayo Clinic. LBD readers are not giving it a good review: "too much dependence on drugs." $33.20. No Kindle.

Dementia, The Journey Ahead
A Practical Guide for Home Caregivers. By S K Scarff and A K Zultner. This book lives up to its name. $14.12


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