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These are activities designed especially for people with dementia.

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Through the Seasons, a large format adult color picture book that can be used to elicit conversation, memories, associatons.
$18.77 or less

One of Springbok's Puzzles to Remember series, designed with dementia in mind. 36" pieces, 18" x 23.5".
$14. 95 each. Others: $13.95

Set of four 6 piece puzzles.One of several sets designed for older adults by DignifieDesigns.
$19.95 per set.

Customized with your own photo, by Specialty Vinyl. 30 piece puzzle, 7.5" x 9.5". Weight suggests vinyl pieces. You will need to use care in chosing a clear, simple photo. $22.00

Personaized Puzzle by Lasting Impressions. 30 or 60 pieces, app. 7" x 10". Heavy Cardboard. Use care chosing clear, simple photos. $17.95

Sing Along with Mitch Miller & The Gang. Audio CD. Reviews say good quality sound; all that's missing are the written words so you can sing along with your loved one--who probably already knows them. $ 6.99

Alzheimer's Activities that Stimulate the Mind,
by by Emilia Bazan-Salazar. Includes a variety of ideas for various stages of dementia. $18.95

Big Brain Puzzle Book, by the Alzheimer's Assn. Three levels of puzzles, from easy to more challenging. $9.59

Keeping Busy.... by James R. Dowling. Good ideas for using activities to decrease acting-out.

The Best Friends Book of Alzheimer's Activities by Virginia Bell, et all. 140 easy to implement activities. $25.39

Memory Books and Other Graphic Cuing Systems by Michelle Bourgeios. Guide to creating and using memory aids. $ 21.86

Sentimental Journey, A Guide for Singing for Seniors, by John Batson. Includes a long list of old familiar songs for singing along. $9.95


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